4 tips to help you gain energy, increase clarity, and feel better fast

Even though it might be surprising to hear, I think there’s a lot to be thankful for the last two years.

(the fact that you and I were alive during corona pandemic situation, is something that we should be grateful for)

Anyways, I asked a small group of trusted health and mindfulness experts to share their number one tip to superboost your mind, body, and soul in as little as 30 seconds.

I share their insights below.

My hope is you get at least one beneficial tip that will bring calm and peace to your life, today.

But before we dive in…

Now onto the tips !

Tip #1. Shake off negativity with 30-second visualizations

The mind is powerful.

woman, yoga, meditation-5380651.jpg

ever since ancient times it has been said what we think is what we manifest.Which might explain a lot…


But there is a quick and simple way to turn chaos into peace.

Taught by Vedic gurus, Tibetan lamas, and eastern masters, Sandeep Nath is a Times of India featured Reiki master, Qigong guide, and mindfulness coach, who uses the power of ancient wisdom to overcome modern challenges.


He suggests :


“Imagine you are a tree standing alone in an open field. Close your eyes and stand like a tree, feet flat, visualizing roots growing out of your soles and going into the center of the earth. Imagine the leaves on you swaying gently in the breeze.


Imagine the wind slowly getting stronger, and shake your leaves by pleasantly jiggling every part of your body – muscles, skin, everything.


These leaves are your emotions, incapacities, and beliefs, and you can let go of many, which will fly away. These are the ones that are not serving you, and you don’t need to know which ones they are… simply release whatever feels like dropping off.


With them, you will also clear out all the contamination circumstances have brought into your energy field. You will emerge feeling lighter, fresh, and new in about 30 seconds.”


Tip #2. Protect your heart and mind

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Your emotional state defines your mental state.


If your emotions are in turmoil, so is your mind. The key is to keep your emotions healthy and strong. Peaceful heart = peaceful mind.


Energetic transformation and conscious creation coach Kelli Cooper has been featured on a number of podcasts and regularly contributes to a variety of online media sites, including the Huffington Post.


She says :


“The first, and most important step, in physical healing is emotional healing.


What do you need to do in your own life ? Is it setting boundaries, learning to say no, or leaving a bad job or relationship ? Is it making more time for self-care or your hobbies and passions ? To heal the body we must first heal the mind.”


Tip #3. Checklist your way into focused blocks of time.


It’s been shown completing a task releases dopamine, that rush of feeling good.


And the best way to reach that state ?


Make a list !


Jeff Sanders is a productivity coach, author, and host of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast, nominated for 6 podcast awards, and named one of the hottest productivity podcasts by Inc. Magazine.


“Create a checklist for your focused blocks of time and treat the checklist as a ritual to prepare yourself to focus by intentionally removing distractions, preparing for the work, setting a timer, and putting on headphones with focus/energy music. Work on one important task until it’s completed (or the time is up)!”


Tip #4. Breathe deep and then hold.

yoga, pose, female-1284657.jpg

Sometimes a hard reset is all we need. It’s easier than you might think to do it, too.


It all comes down to breathing.


And how you do it.


Evette Rose is an international author, life coach, trauma release practitioner, and personal development teacher whose research and cutting edge breathing techniques have been taught in more than 43 countries.


“The best and most effective #1 tip is to reset your mind and your nervous system on a regular basis. You can do this simply by activating the Alpha Brain wave state.


Breathe deeply into the nose and then out the mouth 10 times and on the last breath hold your breath for as long as you can.


You’ll feel a little bit dizzy but this releases DMT which opens up your intuition and your ability to connect as it resets the nervous system throughout your body.


This practice will leave you feeling calm, peaceful, grounded, balanced, and ready to take the next step in your life!”


Now it’s your turn


Which of these 4 mind and body boosting tips will you take with you and apply to your life ?




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