Benefits of Eating Spinach Regularly,Spinach a Superfood

Do you hear about a leafy vegetable which is considered a superfood?

Spinach is the answer.

But the question arise in our mind ,

Is it good to eat spinach every day?or is spinach good for health?
Then we have to know The benefits of spinach ,what are the nutritious value of Eating Spinach regularly.
Lets start with the question ,why it is called superfood first.

Why it is called superfood ?You will agree when you know the benefits of Spinach.

Some of the most important health benefits of eating spinach include the following :-

(i) Increases muscle strength and bone health

(ii) Lowers blood pressure

(iii) Improves digestion

(iv) Helps a lot in controlling diabetes

(v) Fights cancer

(vi) Improves hair, nail and skin health

(vii) Good for eye health and vision

Originally, spinach originated in ancient Persia and has been considered a highly nutritious and healthy food for centuries.

However, its popularity surged during the 20th century due to Popeye, a famous comic character in the Western world.


By eating spinach, one would get immense power to kill his enemy instantly.

Even today, thousands of people ask the question whether eating a cup of spinach every day without exercising can make their biceps bigger.

Although this is obviously exaggerated, spinach does help people get stronger when it comes to bone and muscular systems and immunity.

Combined with other factors (physical workout, balanced diet, proper sleep time, etc.), spinach also helps in increasing muscle mass at a very low percentage.

Spinach can provide protein, minerals, iron and a lot of vitamins (vitamin K, vitamin A, B complex vitamins and vitamin C) to the human body.

Spinach is a nutrient-rich, low-calorie plant that contains a high amount of water (more than 91 grams of water per 100 grams of spinach).

100 grams of spinach contains (among other things) :-

Water – 4 grams

Energy – 23 kcal

Protein – 86 grams

Total lipids (fats) – 39 g

Carbohydrates – 63 grams

Fiber – 2.2 grams

Sugar – 42 grams

Calcium – 99 mg

Iron – 71 mg

Magnesium – 79 mg

Potassium – 558 mg

Vitamin C – 28.1 micrograms

Vitamin K – 482.9 micrograms

Vitamin A – 9377 IU

Spinach is an important ingredient for main vegetable food.

Often people include spinach in a fiber-rich and low-fat diet.

Spinach is a flowering plant that grows naturally mostly in Central and Western Asia. However, its production has increased throughout the world during the last centuries

By Dr.Santosh Kumar Singh


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