The Number One Thief Of Joy ?

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Very few habits are as destructive to human happiness as looking at what others have and do— and feeling that you’re inferior.

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 Yet in this world of social media and digital diversion, so many of us are spending the better hours of our best days looking at the lives of others and measuring our success by what we see.

Look, we’re tribal and hardwired to fit into the community. Helped us survive on the savanna. It’s normal to watch what others are enjoying and judge yourself against that standard.

 Having said this, if you seek happiness and peacefulness you must fight the urge to compare and, instead, train at becoming good at the honoring of the special gifts, unique talents and interesting blessings that make your life your life.

No one alive today thinks quite like you, feels as you do and has the same configuration of strengths and abilities that you have.

And every person you think has it better than you is dealing with things you know nothing of. Most human beings are splendid at presenting a brave social face to the world each day.

We know not of their private struggles.

So cherish the good that Fortune has sent your way. Celebrate your days in the sunshine. Embrace the life you have worked so hard to create.

And keep making all you touch better.

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